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You might be wondering…. Can I sell my diabetic test strips? The answer is… YES, you can sell test strips for cash! We will buy your unused test strips and pay you the absolute best amount for them, and we guarantee it! Who would have thought you could sell diabetic test strips? Well, you can! No more throwing them away and putting money in the trash can. Let us send you a FREE mail kit to send your diabetic test strips to us. We’ll even cover the shipping. Once we receive your test strips, we will pay you cash for your test strips within 2 business days – most of the time sooner! To find out which brand of test strips that we purchase, click on the “Instant Free Quote” link above, enter in the type of test strips you have and the quantity, or simply give us a call at 800-608-6910 and we will be glad to help you get a quote. You might even be asking, “where can I sell my diabetic test strips for the most money?” Great question! Cash For Test Strips has a Best Price GUARANTEE. If you see someone else who pays more for your diabetic test strips, tell us about it and we will beat it (refer to Best Price GUARANTEE)! When you send your test strips in to us, you’ll get quick money for them, and you’ll be helping other people who either do not have insurance themselves, or cannot afford the retails prices of their test supplies. Don’t forget that you can also donate your test strips (refer to Donate), which helps in our mission to also donate some of our supplies to those in need.

We buy most major brands of diabetic test strips.

If you don’t see yoru brand listed on our Online Quote Form, simply send us a message to see if the brand you carry is one that we can accept.


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We understand how important it is to get the best price for your diabetic testing supplies, and is committed to making sure you are receiving just that.

If you see a legitimate better offer listed, simply place the details into the “Additional Details” section of our order form and we will beat it.


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